Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick Update

So I've gotten a little behind in my writing but now I'm back to work. I went home for a long weekend for my sister's graduation party and to spend time with family and friends. I'm actually closer to home now than I was in college so its easier to go for a long weekend. I had a lot of fun, as usual, and spent 0% of my time thinking about any of the subjects of my previous posts. Now I'm preparing for interviews tomorrow (hence the short update) and then I will be starting on a larger and more detailed article. At the suggestion of my friend and fellow job searcher, Ryan, I will most likely be focusing that article on personal branding and using social networking sites in the job search.

I also wanted to bring to your attention two successful examples of my last post. Although over this past weekend, I did not actively search for jobs (although it did come up at the party quite a few times), I left home with two high-level contacts who I will be speaking with this week or next. One contact came from my Uncle who was ran into an old friend on the street and mentioned my job search. The other contact is the cousin of a close family friend. This is what I mean by LETTING PEOPLE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DOING!!

Networking in action...this stuff works.

Anyhow, that's all for today...time to get back to interview prep and research for my article. Also, I will be starting a resume service soon so keep on the look out. I will be using my 3 years experience working for the Colgate University Career Services to edit and comment on your resumes! This will be a free and completely personalized critique! Check back in this week and please leave a comment!

Song of the Day:

Hard to Handle - The Black Crowes

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