Thursday, July 23, 2009

Resume Critique

It's been a very busy week interviewing, networking and researching, and so today I'm only going to introduce my newest idea. As a student advisor at the Colgate University Center for Career Services for three years, I have edited and assisted with hundreds of resumes. I will be offering free, personalized resume critiques. My only 'fee' is that you comment or provide positive feedback if you feel that my critique was valuable to you.

Please e-mail all resumes to and write a very brief description of what kind of opportunities that you are applying to at this point. Please make sure that your resumes are one page (unless you need help cutting it down - if this is the case, 2 pages max. please).

Also, remember to check in next Monday for my article on personal branding and using social networking in the job search!

Song of the Day:

Old Man - Neil Young

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